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I offer beginning western riding lessons to children and adults ages 8 and up. Beginner riders start their riding lesson in an enclosed pen on a leadline, if necessary. Then they move to riding by themselves. After that, students work with different patterns in the arena. They learn to ride without stirrups to promote balance. Students start with the walk and when ready, increase their gait to the jog, trot and canter. When the student is confident and in control of the horse, we walk around the neighborhood to practice riding skills. After that, we go on real trail rides at parks around the area.

Lessons ages 10 and up:

Lessons are an hour and a half. I give instruction on catching and leading the horse safely as well as grooming and riding the horse. The grooming process usually takes about 20 minutes and the actual ride time is about an hour or over an hour.

Helmets are provided and references are available. I focus on safety and bonding with the animal making sure students are aware of horse behavior.

Download more info here:
Safety/Info handout
Horse anatomy/saddle diagram handout

$50/hr and a half

For more information or to schedule a lesson, email or call Penni at 512-517-1123.
Call Penni 512-517-1123
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