New from Virospack: Double-Dose Droppers, TPE-Blown Injection Bulbs and More

New from Virospack: Double-Dose Droppers, TPE-Blown Injection Bulbs and More

The producer of innovative cosmetic droppers maintains a strong sustainability commitment as part of its DNA.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief09.05.23
Virospack is a long-established, family-owned company based in Barcelona, Spain, with nearly 70 years’ experience developing and manufacturing droppers for the most prestigious international beauty brands. The company is the worldwide leading producer of cosmetic dropper packs for skincare, hair, nails, and makeup products, produces tubular glass vials, that can also be adjusted for external varieties of droppers in the market, and decorates glass bottles, from partner suppliers, all in its in-house multi-certified facilities.
With a commitment to R&D and innovation, Virospack presents new innovations every year.

Duo Dose Dropper System

Their New Duo Dose Dropper System offers an easier double accurate dosage of the product, suitable for a variety of skincare formulations, helping consumers to apply the correct amount each time in their beauty routines. With this new precise dual-fixed dose, it is possible to customize the use of the product according to the type of skin (like oily or dry skin); period of application such as day or night; or even according to the climate or season of the year, like winter or summer. The total customization is guaranteed with all the decoration techniques and finishes offered by Virospack.

TPE-blown Injection Bulbs

Another innovation the company is bringing to market is the new technology of TPE-blown injection bulbs. This new technology allows greater freedom for bulb design and customization, for a luxe consumer experience and exclusive brand positioning with special formats. These new personalized bulb shapes, comprised of different types of TPE, can be combined with many standard options of caps and pipettes available in Virospack dropper’s portfolio and through different decoration finishes, such as color painting or metallization, that will distinguish it from others available in the market. There is also the possibility of having a completely recyclable dropper, using standard PP pipettes in the Virospack portfolio.
An extra bonus:  Virospack now has a fast-track delivery line and reduced minimum order quantities.
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