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Our dear Bertha passed away on May 21, 2014. Every time I sit down to update her profile I've been unable to do it. I've been overcome with grief and loss, but I know it must be done.

Let me tell you about this horse: when I was a young girl I had a near fatal accident and didn't ride horses for almost 18 years. But we all know that once you are bitten by the "horse bug" they never leave your heart, so in my late 20's I started riding again. I missed the love and bond with horses as well as the freedom and enjoyment of riding.

So I started taking lessons again-- group lessons with the other 9 year old girls! After a few months of lessons, I decided to look in the paper to see what was out there (when the newspaper was the place to go to buy things!) I found this ad: Good-minded 8 year old chestnut Quarter Horse 15.1 mare for sale. I went to look at her and it was love at first sight! I immediately felt a bond with her. The gentleman who was selling her agreed to give me lessons and build my confidence again.

This was a process! We worked together for a month and built our bond of love and trust together. I had Bert for 7 years before I started giving lessons with her. She was such a big-hearted and trustworthy horse. In 8 years of giving lessons on her, she was always so careful with all of her riders and never lost one of them. She always took excellent care of them. I knew she would always be underneath me as we cantered through life together for 14 years.

Thank you, Lady Bug. You will always be with me.

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